Fashion is ageless, embracing you!

If there’s one thing I learnt on YLF it’s two subjects that grab people’s attention; fashion and age.
I decided I was going to write a post blending these two impressionable; but important subjects together and had done some research prior.

What is aging, and how does it influence fashion?
Like most of us, the thought of aging generally is a negative one. We all like to reminisce about our carefree, youthful days where we spent time with friends, having adventures, wearing what we want, with not a care in the World.
As Women, growing older has usually meant we have accustomed putting more effort into looking our best, and trying to look as youthful as possible. It used to feel like we’ve always had to hide behind makeup and fancy clothing to be accepted, and perhaps felt less like ourselves and more of what society expects of us. It’s no surprise magazines and models in the past have for the most part been portrayed as young, youthful, sexy, looking women. But this expectation had made aging women feel less than beautiful and as such either felt like we had to dress to impress, or gave up and started wearing frumpy style clothing not caring anymore. Until recently that has all but changed!

The new motto is that fashion is ageless, and like fine wine you must embrace the aging process as it progresses and accept it.
Models over 50 and as old as 90 now proudly show off their beautiful bodies and fashion styles, gray hair and wrinkles alike if they choose to. No longer must middle aged or older women shy away from skinny jeans, shorts, yoga pants, crop tops, graphic tees, or anything that in the past would be considered taboo for that age group to wear but the younger generation. It’s a time for fashion equality and no more body shaming.

As such, the young generation has equally flipped its styles to match. Dying your hair gray or silver in your teens or 20’s has become trendy, wearing trendy looking suspenders has come back in style as well.
In my 30’s I may not be as aged as many veteran members here, but often I feel a big difference since my teens. I’m positive that someone born in the 40’s might dress or style differently than someone born in the 80’s, it’s how we were brought up and what trends we followed. I understand how talking about aging has become less than popular, even taboo feeling as it shows the generation gap.
However this is why I felt like the subject should be brought up and not avoided, and like the new motto in a new era to embrace who we are no matter our age or style. Both old and young generations can teach one another something with fashion and self esteem and YLF is a great place to find that balance.

To wrap this up, remember you are only as old as you feel. Beauty is skin deep and age is only a number, if you feel ugly on the outside that reflection will rub off on how others see you. Wear what makes you happy, be bold and embrace your inner style through your wardrobe, don’t hold back or care what others will think the only happiness that matters is yours.
Make sure to always show off the best version of yourself, how you want to look; and always shine the beauty you have inside.

Have a wonderful evening loves,
Jess ❤️

Ps- some older, inspirational models shown below :)


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